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Mar 16 2019

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In Utah, SR22 insurance is used to monitor the auto insurance of its problem motorists, and to protect its citizens from them. The auto insurance companies are required to submit an SR22 form for these drivers, certifying that their insurance meets at least the minimum liability coverage required by the law. The driver will receive no notifications regarding his driving status; it is his responsibility to maintain his auto insurance as required by law. The SR22 certificate is also called the certificate of financial responsibility.

• The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver is not the owner of the vehicle.

• The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver owns the vehicle.

• The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver may or may not own the vehicle.

The SR22 is Required When:

• The driver is caught driving without the required mandatory insurance.

• The driver was in an accident in which his vehicle was not insured, and the accident resulted in the death of a person.

• The driver’s license was suspended because he either refused to test for alcohol or drugs or he was convicted of driving impaired by alcohol or drugs.

• The driver had a number of moving violation on his record, like reckless driving.

The Following Occurs When an SR22 Request is Filed:

• The driver requests a filing of an SR22 from a state-licensed insurance company.

• He pays the company’s processing fee. The amount of this fee varies with the company, and the driver will do well to shop around for the best quote.

• The driver must purchase at least the minimum liability insurance coverage required by law. In Utah that is $25,000 for the injury or death of person, $50,000 for the injury or death of two or more people, and for property damage, $15,000.

• The insurance company sends the request to the central office, which then sends an SR22 to Motor Vehicles division in charge of financial responsibility within 30 days.

• When and if accepted, the driver will receive the SR22 from the insurance company with a letter of acceptance from the motor vehicles division.

• The driver is advised that the responsibility is his to ensure continued coverage of his vehicle, and his SR22 must be maintained for at least three years. In the event he allows it to lapse, the insurance company is required to inform the State of the lapse, and the State will suspend the driver’s license until he reinstates the SR22.

With regard to residents from out of state, who drive a vehicle for less than 90 days each year, they will be exempted from having to file for financial responsibility in Utah. However, if a driver plans to drive for more than ninety days per year in the state, he will be expected to maintain at least the minimum required insurance coverage required by law.

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